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You’re getting different investment reports from different people about what’s going to happen next in the economy and markets. You’re also getting opinions from everyone about what you should do with your wealth to capitalize on the opportunities. But all you want is straightforward investment management advice from someone you can trust.

We hear you and we’re here for you. In Navigate, our team of Private Investment Counselors and Private Client Advisors filter the noise and provide valuable advice and diverse expertise through short but insightful articles. Every issue covers a variety of topics, all of which are designed to guide wealthy Albertans through opportunities and challenges in today’s world.

Produced by ATB Wealth (formerly ATB Investor Services and Alberta Private Client), this publication is aimed at providing valuable insights for Albertans navigating the opportunities and challenges of banking and investing in today’s world.

Featured in this issue

  • How diversification can help protect your investment portfolio
  • Estate planning for your B.C. vacation home
  • How to ensure you have the funds to meet your lifelong goals
  • Tips for planning your dream vacation
  • Things to consider before purchasing a vacation property
  • Important questions to ask when insuring your collectibles